VIZIO E470i-A0

VIZIO E470i-A0

VIZIO E470i-A0 is our first HDTV and we are freaking loving it! The main points are that we use Netflix as a TV provider instead of cable or satellite, so having a Netflix app and a Netflix button is too cool. I am not a tech guru so i can't say too much about the technical stuff but I do know that LED is the way to go, 120Hz is the latest and greatest and wifi connectivity means I can cut out one device.

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The thin frame should be standard on every tv, it makes this 47" seem larger. Stuff I'm unhappy with- no browser and no Pandora. It does however have rhapsody but I don;t have a rhapsody account because Pandora is free. And one more row of RC inputs would have been nice but I understand they're not as en vogue as they used to be.

Update VIZIO E470i-A0 Review: one month in- ah shucks the list of stuff I'm unhappy with has grown Amazon app does support captioning ( big mad judgmental look going to amazon for that one) The remote has to be pointed DIRECTLY at the lower left hand corner of the tv. Changing batteries on the remote to a higher quality battery has helped, however its not the free ranging point wherever stuff of old.

And last of all, when you start viewing a show and when you skip the image takes a few seconds to come to. It gives a strange pixilation that one might mistake for a few beers too many vision. Not the worst stuff in the world, just minor annoyances. But it still shows great picture right out of the box! Nothing major to gripe about which means that this TV is holding its own! VIZIO E470i-A0 Review From Bond (He Bought this at Here with Best Price and Free Shipping)

VIZIO E470i-A0 47-Inch Advantages

VIZIO E470i-A0
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LED Brilliance Technology - As described before, VIZIO E470i-A0 47-Inch comes with lighter and thinner looking style. This is also finished with its excellent LED backlighting. You can now appreciate a full-screen and crystal-clear image since this Intelligent LED TV is reinforced with complete HD 1080p Full HD quality, and 120Hz efficient renew amount.

Energy-saving Efficiency - VIZIO E470i-A0 also comes with energy-efficiency to preserve your cash. It can preserve more about 40% of your electric invoice. If you evaluate this TV to other traditional LCD HDTVs, then the E470i-A0 will cause you to experience pleased.

VIZIO Internet Apps - If you are looking for TV that can also be your resource to get connected to the world wide web, then VIZIO E470i-A0 comes with one. Reinforced with VIZIO Online Applications (VIA), you can now easily entry to your preferred websites, such as Tweets, Facebook or myspace, etc and also flow films in Vudu and Blockbuster online.

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